FAQ & Help

How can i contact Herspot?

you can contact us through e-mail: contact@shopherspot.com or simply drop us a message through our official LINE ID: @herspot (using @ symbol)


Do you have an offline store?

Currently we do not have any offline store at the moment and but you can always order online 24/7


Are the products in this website available and ready to ship? 

All the products are ready stock, except the products that we display under "PREORDER" category


Can i see the real pictures of the product?

All the pictures that you see on our website are real pictures of our products, taken by professional photographer and model. the product that you'll get will be the same as you see in the pictures


The product that i want is out of stock, can i still order it?

Yes, as long as the product is under "PREORDER" category or you can write down your email on the box provided at our product detail, so we can notify you once we have the product back in stock


How can i get information for everything Herspot?

Just susbcribe us to get all the information, news, promotion, etc. you can also follow us on our social media


What should i do if i want to ask more about any information that has not been mentioned in this website, do you have any phone number?

You can send us an email or contact us through our official LINE only. we do not have any phone number to be contacted at the moment


If i make an order and complete the payment in that day, how long will the product arrive at my place?

For any payment made before 3PM on normal business days (Monday - Friday), then we will immediately proccess and ship the order on the same day. Normally, for domestic shipping it will takes 1-3days for the courier service to send the package. for more information, please refer to our DELIVERY SCHEDULE


Csn i pick up my order? by my own driver or people or using GOJEK?

Yes, you can pick up your order at our office. please contact our customer service to do so.


I have been waiting for my packages for several days now, what should i do?

you can track your order using tracking system in the courier service website (www.jne.co.id) or contact us, we will also try to help you to track the packages


I order a preorder item, when will i receive my order?

For any preorder items, we estimate that the goods will be ready to shipped after 1-2weeks after you make the purchase of it


If the good that i receive is spoiled, can i get my money back?

Yes, you can get your money refunded if we do not have any stock to replace your order. if we do not have any stock left for the same product as your first order, you can change the product to another items or we will refund your payment fully exclude the shipping fee. The replacement of any defect item or refund process is only can be made after we recive back the goods. However, please be noticed that if you buy SALE item, even if it's spoiled or defect, we do not accept that kind of good to be refunded or exchange because SALE IS FINAL


If i bought a product that is too big or small, can i exchange it?

Yes, you can change to the smaller or bigger size as long as it is not an all size item or under preorder category. moreover, you can changes it only within 3x24 hours after the goods received. all the shipping fee is on you, for more detail you can read our RETURN &EXCHANGE POLICY


Are your size same as Zara , HM, ADIDAS (you name it) for shoes or clothes?

We do have our own size, so please do check and read carefully all the detail before you place an order on our website


How can i become your reseller?

Please contact us personaly through our email: contact@shopherspot.com

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