Candy Marble MacBook case

IDR 300.000

Protect you MacBook and keep it in style with our hard cover. Find the suitable for you!

Receive a product within 14-28 days.


Material: polycarbonate plastic

Thickness : 0,8 - 1 mm

Weight : 290gram


One set macbook hardcase (Top and bottom shell)

Pattern on top only (The bottom shell is not printed // Transparent)


Please look under your MacBook to find the specific model. This is the code that looks like "A1***"


Suitable for MacBook only :

Macbook Pro 13 (with CD Drive)

Macbook Pro Retina 13

Macbook Pro retina 15

Macbook Air 11

Macbook Air 13

Macbook 12

Macbook Pro 13 (2016-2018 / No Touch bar)

Macbook Pro 13 (Touchbar)

Macbook Pro 15 (Touchbar)


*No more production for MacBook Pro15 (with CD-Drive)*


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