Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Herspot!

Please make sure to read this terms and conditions before you place an order on our website or through our customer service (Line: @herspot). With using Herspot’s website and make any kind of payment to us, we consider that you have agreed to our T&C.

We are in a position that have right to amend our T&C without prior notifications. if you do not agree to our T&C, we suggest you to stop using the webstore

You can order any of our products as long as they are still available. Products in high demand may be sold out real quickly, so please note that items in your shopping bag are not reserved, you have to check out to make sure you purchase the product. you cannot add more items to your shopping bag once you have checked out. we cannot modify or add products for you; you have to reorder again to make a purchase if you want to avoid double shipping fees. you cannot reserve any of our products, we have the rights not to give you the reservations.



Please be noticed that all the products displayed in this website are owned by Herspot and all the pictures are real pictures taken by professional photographer. The color and model of our products are displayed without any modification, but the color and feel of a particular product might not be 100% accurate due to the differences resolution, specification, and or characteristic of display used. A slight difference between the actual product and the picture is not considered as a defect item. We always try to show the color and the model of our product accurately.

Please be notice that the availability of our products is not 100% always accurate. because there are two options to buy our products which is via this website and via our official LINE. we will give our products to those who pay first (first pay first serve). we have the rights not to give our customer the products that they purchased if its no longer available. and in cases like this we will fully refund the money.



- Price that are listed in this website is a fixed price and exclude shipping fee from our based, Jakarta to the destination.

- Prices may change without any notifications.



Payment can be made via Bank Transfer (Indonesia Only):

  1. BCA – 277 1518 224 (Mery Priyanto)
  2. Mandiri – 1650 0011 74458 (Mery Priyanto)

or by Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa, or Doku Wallet) via Doku.

  • We reserve the right not to process your order if we are unable to validate your payment due to reasons such as different account's holder name or incomplete payment.
  • We reserve the right not to process your order if the product that you order is out of stock and somehow the system fails or errors. we will fully refund your money.
  • Please be noticed, if you make a payment using e-banking or ATM transfer, you have to confirm your payment on our website to validate your purchase (you can confirm your payment easily by filling the "confirm payment" section that we provide in our homepage. we suggest you to do that for immediate process)
  • You dont need to confirm your payment if you pay by Credit Card. you'll receive an email that your order an payment has been successfully receive by our team.
  • Please be noticed, if you make a transfer to our Bank Mandiri account, if something happen and should make us refund your money, the money will be refunded to BANK BCA account number only. We will not refund your money to Bank Mandiri account number or any other Bank account number except BCA account number. otherwise, there is Rp 7.500 for administration fee if you still want to be refunded to other Bank Account Number.
  • Please be noticed, if you make a payment using DOKU (Creditcard, visa or master), if something happen and should make us refund your money, money only will be refunded to BANK BCA account number only. We will not refund your money to any other bank, or if you will be charge Rp 7.500 for administration fee. 
  • Please be noticed, if you make a payment using DOKU (Creditcard, visa or master), if something happen and should make us refund your money, then you will be charged 4.5% for administation fee. so, we will not fully refund your money but deduct it by 4.5% for the total amount you have been charge at the first time.
  • Payment should be made strictly in 48 hours (2 days) after check out, otherwise your order will be automatically expired.


Shipping Information

Herspot is shipping worldwide. For domestic shipping, we choose to use JNE as our courier service. Your order will be processed in 1 to 3x24 hours after we receive your payment confirmation.

  • We ship daily from Monday – Friday on 3 p.m. Any payment made after 3 p.m will be processed in the following day.
  • No shipping on Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holiday.
  • Please understand if your order arrives late due to the courier service. We suggest you to give a complete and detail address.
  • We are not responsible if the courier service fail to sent the package or sent it to wrong address due to incomplete address or wrong information given by the customers.
  • We are not responsible for any damage or loss not caused by our faults or in the shipping process after we send the package, what we can help is only trying to contact the courier service.
  • We are not responsible for losses not caused by our faults or force major.
  • If there any shipping errors coming from us, we guarantee that we will give free shipping to the customer.s


Return and Refund Policy

We only accept return of goods if:

  • Defect
  • Stained
  • Failure in shipping process due to our mistake

How to return the product for exchange or refund?

1. You should create a request within 2 days after you receive the product. Please provide information why you want to return the product through our CS (email or line)

2. We will respond to your request and only after you get the email response, you can return the product.

3. Please print the Goods Return Form that will be sent to you via email then fill the form manually, and send it together with the return product.

4. You will then have 3 days starting after you receive our email response to send back the products.

5. All the goods return for exchange or refund will be inspected first. we have the authority to cancel the request if customer does not follow our policy.


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